• Sadia Safder Minhaj University, Lahore
Keywords: “Arms and the Man”, G.B Shaw, Realism and Romanticism, Realism, analysis


This research study sets up to present a comprehensible exploration of Realism in, “Arms and the Man” by George Bernard Shaw. The researchers of the current study make use of descriptive and analytic methods to gain the objective of Realism in the current study of the play, “Arms and the Man”. This study presents some important aspects of Realism from the play which is considered to be a fine specimen of satire and romanticism. This research study also defines the difference between Realism and Romanticism as realism has its own significant role in establishing Societies and it involves large areas. So the researchers of this study focus to provide the basic aspects of realism through society and the current study of concrete reality in society by providing the thoughts and ideas of G.B Shaw in the play “Arms and the Man”. According to the current study. The researcher of this study has also set some recommendations for further study in the conclusion only to gain benefit from this study. The researchers of this study have focused on the ideas and thoughts of G.B Shaw who explores love and war and war is reflected as an aspect of realism in the play “Arms and the Man”.


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