RESEARCH SYNDICATE ACADEMY is an educational and research institute, having a research mandate, registered by the Securities Exchange Commission of Pakistan.

Following are the aims and objectives of Research Syndicate Academy:

  • Setting up the best Research Institution for the researcher in all domains of research, which will provide the best facilities of research to produce self-sufficient researchers to meet research globalization
  • Setting up new trends in research by providing the research training workshops both physical and online to the teaching staff and students of the school, college and university.
  • Accessibility of quality education and research to the intelligent & hardworking poor students & the children of needy and deserving families having marginalized income
  • To facilitate researchers by Publication of Research Journals in the domain of Education, Social Sciences, Pure Sciences, Humanities and Legal studies.
  • Networking with other educational and research organizations to increase the quality of research, education, virtual learning and teaching methods.
  • Setting up new virtual and physical institutes, colleges and universities with all the best facilities for research, technical, Quranic, Islamic and vocational training and skills to produce self-sufficient professionals to meet educational globalization.
  • Establishing a library both physical and online for the public.
  • Organizing teacher training, academic and research learning to improve the quality of educational, research and teaching methods.