The publication charges policy of IBLL has been managed by Research Syndicate Academy (RSA), which is a research institute having a Research Mandate, registered by the Securities Exchange Corporation of Pakistan (SECP). Various Journals are being sponsored by many organizations, societies, and other groups. Owing to such sponsoring and funding, they do not charge any publication charges. RSA is neither being funded nor financed by any organization or society. IBLL is trying to get it indexed by the world best indexing agencies like JCR, SSCI, WOS etc. Our mission is not only to facilitate our local researchers but also to meet international and global academia.

In order to meet such expenses, IBLL recommends nominal publication charges in comparison to the contemporary journals in the domain. IBLL provides special financial relief to PhD scholars and young researchers not only from all over Pakistan but also from third world countries. Furthermore, the authors may ask their respective institutes to pay the publication fee, as many institutes facilitate their scholars and researchers. But where author or researcher having no facility or a proper funder. Cogent OA (Taylor and Francis-Informal Group) pioneered a new module of financial contribution to pay the publication charges, titled “Freedom Articles Publishing Charges”. It allows authors to choose how much to contribute towards the publication charges of their research in open access journals.

IBLL charges in two tiers of the total fee (RS 8000/-)

  • Article-processing charges (pre-acceptance) –APC-I (45%)
  • Article publishing charges (post-acceptance)-APC-II (55%)

Article submission is totally free. Once the article has been submitted, the author will be sent an acknowledgement of receipt article. Then the article will go through the pre-editorial review that is free of cost. It includes:

  • Scope
  • Plagiarism (as per Journal’s Policy)
  • Basic format
  • Initial grammar and typo check
  • Authors strength
  • Citation style
  • Abstract
  • Keywords
  • References
  • APA 6

Waiver Policy:

IBLL designed a waiver policy for the authors as under:

For the authors who want their manuscript to be published and cannot pay a publication fee, Their article can be published under a golden open access model (GOAM). They are required to send a request to the editor for publication under GOAM through email at The waiver requests under GOAM are considered on a need and eligibility basis and may be granted in cases of genuine need.   

Eligibility Criteria under GOAM

  1. The scholars and researchers who have won any national excellence award.
  2. Undergraduates with quality manuscripts
  3. orphan, special persons handicapped
  4. Whose parents and siblings are martyred/ affected by the war on terror.

Utilization of Publication Fee

IBLL uses the publication fee for maintenance of the journal, peer reviewers ‘fee, advisory body’s dues, editorial work, administrative support, commissioning content, editorial layout, journal development, correspondence with the authors, reviewers and referees, editorial review, double-blind review, foreign and local evaluation.

For any queries please feel free to contact via Email: