• Muhammad Rizwan Riphah International University
  • Muhammad Umaid Govt. Islamia Graduate College, Civil Lines,Lahore
  • Sidra Hanif Minhaj University, Lahore
Keywords: Style, Stylistics, Money, Phonological level, Graph logical level, Morphological. Level, Lexico-syntactic level


This research article aims to analyze the concepts of Davies's poem "Money" from a stylistic point of view and explore four levels of stylistic analysis: graph logical, syntactical, semantic and phonological. The poem dilates upon the pathetic and painful conditions of the poet's determination who wants to gain the eternal pleasure of life. He says that the significance of money can only be realized in poor economic conditions. He says that the friends of the rich by heart are better than the rich by money. Materialistic joys vanish in the flow of time, but eternal pleasures remain as it is. The analysis of this poem will help analyze and search for the concepts of money which cause tensions in human lives, especially in the modern and postmodern era


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